Optavia’s diet plan may seem like a pyramid scheme, but it’s not. The program promotes long-term success by having members sell the company’s products for a profit. The diet plan focuses on a strict 800-to-1,000-calorie diet, with no room for extras. The diet also encourages people to become coaches, encouraging them to promote the product. But the program’s reliance on shakes and bars does not foster a healthy relationship with food.

The nutrition label for Optavia foods is extensive and has a list of ingredients. The company includes an icon for the food items for those with dietary restrictions. The Optavia 5&1 plan offers about 150 pre-packaged meals and snacks. This meal replacement plan does not require calorie counting and requires no planning. Meal replacement bars and protein bars are included. The menu is customizable, and the meals are easy to make and convenient.

Expensive plan

The Optavia weight loss plan is marketed as a diet and focuses on eating a mix of packaged and processed food. Its low-calorie and the low-carb menu is designed to promote weight loss. However, it’s important to note that the diet is highly restrictive and relies on processed packaged food. Additionally, this plan is costly and challenging to stick to. The nutrition information provided by Optavia coaches is not sufficient to make an informed decision.

Six meals per day 

The Optavia program focuses on six meals a day and does not include snacking. The Optavia 5&1 Plan consists of five Optavia Fuelings, a mix of pre-packaged foods and homemade meals. The program doesn’t require calorie counting or carbohydrates. Instead, it requires you to add water to powdered foods and unwrapped bars. It calls for six meals a day, and each meal is portion controlled. While the Optavia 5&1 plan enables dieters to control their carbs and calories, it may not be as effective as it claims.

Combination of processed foods and homemade meals 

The Optavia diet plan requires a diet that includes processed foods and homemade meals. It doesn’t need any calorie- or carbohydrate-counting, as you add water to the powdered food or bar. The meals are part-controlled and include more than 50 recipes. Each meal should be about 800 calories and contain protein. This plan is not recommended for people with diabetes. You need to eat foods rich in fibre and protein to lose weight.

Promotes healthy eating habits 

Optavia has several positive features. The program promotes healthy eating habits by relying on home-cooked meals and processed food. In addition, Optavia diets do not require any calorie counting or carb-counting. They need only six small meals a day, and there are more than 50 meal choices. In addition, the diet is very convenient, and it also includes an innovative app and community forums.

Closing words

The Optavia diet program recommends a diet plan that combines pre-packaged foods and homemade meals. While it is convenient, the Optavia diet program relies on processed foods and low-calorie meals. The diet plans also contain a lot of processed food. The plan’s ingredients are often unhealthy. The Optavia diet is not sustainable for most people, especially after a resumption of a regular diet.

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