There are numerous popular weight loss myths people adhere to concerning their health. It can be difficult to distinguish those weight-loss myths from reality from what is true. Some are true, while others are ridiculous. I was once told in a book that, if you drink a glass of water in the evening, you are likely to gain weight, or that when you scratch your head often, you will lose hair. ….

Weight Loss Myth # 1

The more weight I want to shed, then the greater intense the workout regimen should be.

The Truth about Weight Loss: While the idea of a rigorous workout is wonderful, however, there are a few points to consider and the most important one is that everybody is at different levels in terms of their fitness levels and how much intensity they can handle. If you’ve been uninvolved for several years an intense workout for you could be taking a walk for half an hour every day. After walking the half-mile, you realize that you’re sweating bullets and you’re tired. But for those who have been active physically for several years, walking a half-mile can be accomplished without sweating. Everyone has their interpretation of the term “intense” is.

If what you find to be intense is exercising for an hour every day, however, due to the demands of your life, you can only manage 20 minutes every day, the 20 minutes you spend will be a significant amount. This might not be considered “intense”, according to the definition you choose however those few intervals of cardio are likely to have positive health impacts.

Fat Loss Myth # 2

Weight gain and stress are not a pair that coincide.

Weight Loss Fact The truth about weight loss is one of the “laughable” myths. To find out more about the ways stress can add pounds. to your lifestyle, get my free E-Book, “Psychology of Releasing Weight”

Weight Loss Myth # 3

I’m able to lose weight and gain weight eating what I like

The truth about weight loss: The great Sir Isaac Newton once said ” What goes up must come down.” There are fundamental principles that guide our lives. When you launch a ball into the sky, it’s going to fall back. You can relax on your sofa and imagine that the ball will remain floating in the air however, the natural laws of nature tell us that it comes down. The same applies to weight.

It is one of the most commonly-cited weight loss myths that are out there. It’s absurd to believe that your weight and health will be balanced if your diet is primarily comprised of donuts, chips, twinkies, and donuts. Sure, you can get rid of it through exercise, but the majority of people who consume predominantly junk food are not well-organized enough to adhere to the routine of exercising. I know certain people who on the outside, appear like they’re healthy, as they’re not “fat however, they suffer from high levels of cholesterol.

Because I am sorry for breaking the hearts of so many lovers of twinkling out there, I’d suggest this. It is possible to eat junk food, chips, cookies as well as pizza, ice cream or hamburgers …. all of these “soul-satisfying foods”, however, they should be consumed in moderation. Any excess food is not healthy.

Fat Loss Myth # 4

Aiming to skip meals is a great method to shed pounds

Facts about Weight Loss Numerous studies have shown that people who don’t eat breakfast and consume less food throughout the day can be much heavier than those people who eat a nutritious and healthy breakfast and then consume several small meals throughout the day. The reason for this could be that they feel hungry late during the day and could be inclined to eat more than they should during other meals during the day.

Weight Loss Myth # 5

I’m not likely to lose weight eating dinner at night.

The truth about weight loss The truth is that you can indulge in eating during the day but do not eat anything in the evening and gain weight. This is because you could starve yourself in the day, and then eat throughout the night, and still gain weight. The key is equilibrium. Your body may be telling you that it’s hungry, then maybe you should pay attention to it. It is a fact that excessive eating, even if you’re doing nothing, can result in weight gain regardless of the moment of the day you consume food. If I’m feeling hungry at night, which is the case for other meals throughout my daytime, I make sure to choose something naturally occurring in the natural world. It could be something like vegetables, fruits, or even create a smoothie with fruits. In those instances when I’m in the mood for some ice cream or sweets I will take a bite, and do not be ashamed of it. Many overweight people are a victim of shame and guilt. I have allowed myself to eat some, but with MODERATION.

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