While smoking is injurious to health, not all its effects are immediately apparent. Short-term effects can be identified by biomarkers of physiologic disadvantage, including increased blood pressure. In addition, smokers are more likely to develop respiratory symptoms and acute illnesses that require medical attention. These health issues are hazardous during pregnancy when the baby’s developing heart is still growing inside the mother. The negative impacts of smoking can be devastating to the foetus and infant in the long term. In addition, cigarette smoking increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and can worsen type 1 diabetes. It also weakens the immune system, increasing the risk of contracting various viruses and bacterial infections.

Risks associated with it

A recent study concluded that cigarette smoke is harmful to smokers and those around them. While smoking can have adverse effects on the smoker, it also exposes those around the smoker to diseases. Asthma and heart disease are significant risks of smoking, and these conditions can be caused by cigarette smoke. It’s easy to understand why smoking is so dangerous for pregnant women, so it’s vital to make sure she has enough support to quit.

The best defense against peer pressure 

It is essential to ask your child about their opinions on smoking and encourage them to quit as a parent. Keeping your children’s views positive is your best defense against peer pressure, and it’s important to reinforce that their opinion is valuable. It would help encourage your child to walk away from friends who don’t respect your reasons for not smoking. Furthermore, you should explain why smoking is detrimental to your daily life.

Passive smoking

While smoking is not the only health hazard caused by passive smoking, it is still harmful in other ways. It affects the heart, arteries, lungs, and reproductive system. It weakens the immune system, causes inflammation, and impairs the function of blood vessels. The effects of passive smoking can be felt in later life, too. In addition, many deaths are attributed to this habit.

Heart disease and lung cancer 

Smoking has many health risks. Not only does it affect the person who smokes, but it also exposes those around the smoker to heart disease and lung cancer. Even if the cigarette is harmless, its chemicals may lead to cancerous consequences. The chemicals in cigarettes can cause oxidative stress, weakening the body’s immune system. Not only does it weaken the immune system, but it causes a variety of ailments.

Wrap it up

Besides affecting the person who smokes, smoking affects the people around the smoker. Those around the smoker can contract diseases if they smoke. For example, those in the smoker’s vicinity may suffer from asthma or heart disease. These illnesses are prevalent and can be fatal. So, the only way to prevent them is to stop smoking. This habit is detrimental to their overall health. Moreover, it is dangerous to the fetus.

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